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Fill out the information below to change your payment information and we will be happy to update your membership plan.


If you prefer to phone in your change, call Member Services at 1-855-999-8839 from 7am-7pm Monday-Friday.

Payment Change Form: Resources and Tips

Please choose one of these convenient payment methods.

Pay by Direct Bill

Send your check or money order and list the amount below

Direct Bill

Monthly or Annual Payment by Credit

I wish to pay by credit card until I revoke this authorization in writing.

Credit Card

Pay by Bank Draft

Authorization for Electronic Premium: I authorize LegalShield, to make direct payment by charge/draft of my checking/savings account from the Financial Institution listed below. (This authority will remain in effect until you notify us in writing to terminate the authorization.) I agree that if any charge is dishonored, whether intentionally or inadvertently LegalShield shall be under no liability whatsoever. 

Select an option


I authorize Legalshield to make direct payment by charge/draft of my checking/savings/credit card acct from the financial institution listed below. Authorization in effect until terminated in writing.

Thanks for submitting!

Payment Change Form: Text
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