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Membership Plans: Services
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"I Love LegalShield"

"I own a carpet cleaning business with just one employee beside myself. I'm too busy trying to earn every day we’re open for business to handle all the collections of debt my business is owned by former customers. I enrolled for the LegalShield business plan for protection but mainly to help with collections of the $8k in receivables I had no time to chase down. In my first two months as a member, my provider firm sent 6 letters and collected $4,500.00 for me. I got all the money - since those letters were included with my subscription. Other attorneys I'd used in the past charged me $500 per letter written. I love LegalShield."

- Another Happy Member

"Damages Repaired"

"My husband and I were leasing a property of which we moved from and complied with the move out instructions. We completely cleaned the property, vacuumed, shampooed the carpet and all.

Two months later, we received an alarming bill of $10,867 from a management collection agency. 😧.

Upon my own investigation, it was made known that the property management company renovated the property at our expense-new carpet, landscape etc. Got on the phone with my law firm. Sent in all my supporting documents. My attorney drafted a letter to the property management and the rest was history. 💥. Without my legalshield membership, things WOULD have been different 👏🏽


Thank you LegalShield 🌟"

- Another Happy Member

"Felt Anxiety"

"My wife and I have been so grateful to have the coverage provided through Legal Shield. I never thought we would have any use for “legal insurance” but when a friend of mine started as a rep for the company he asked me to lunch and told me all about it.

Having recently gone through a situation where we needed legal advice but didn’t know where to turn, I was eager to learn.

Since having Legal Shield we have used their services to help our family with traffic tickets, get advice on a severance package, ask questions about copyright for creative projects, and get
input on issues for my wife’s business. I even used them to help set up an LLC for my side business.

With many of these issues, we would have just “muddled through” or felt anxiety about not knowing what we should do. The small monthly fee has been worth the price of peace-of-mind and answered questions."

- T. and K. Stewart


“I had a brain tumor removed several years ago. Evidently, I had a rider on my life insurance policy that stated if I was ever seriously ill for a period of time, I didn't have to pay on the insurance policy. My new insurance agent let me know that money should be returned to me, so she put in a claim in my name.


Over the next two months, claim representatives sent me letters requesting doctor's results, CT scans, and more. I was nice at first and went out of my way to give them what I had ... but, after a few more weeks, the calls and requests became overwhelming. Finally, I decided I shouldn't have to be the one to deal with all the paperwork since I wasn't the one who turned in the claim. I called my Provider Law Firm and they had me fax them the latest letter from the claim adjuster and a copy of the rider to my policy. My lawyer immediately sent a letter to the claim agent. Within a week, I received a check for over $6,900 and was notified that I did not have to pay on my life insurance again until next year! So, LegalShield actually saved me many thousands of dollars in addition to the $6,900 they helped me get back! That was my first experience with LegalShield. I'll be a member for life, and my whole family has become members, too.”

- Another Happy Member

"Company Refused to Pay"

“A man backed into my car in a [convenience store] parking lot. His insurance company refused to pay for my damages, because he lied about his being at fault. ​A letter from our provider law firm, followed by a Warrant in Debt, taken out by me on my provider firm’s recommendation, resulted in payment of $1,100.00 to repair the damages. 

Thank you LegalShield℠."

- Another Happy Member

"Just Sweep it Under the Rug"

"My mom took her new eyeglass frames to get lenses placed inside. When she received them, it was the wrong lens, she couldn’t see her computer screen with them on. So she called them back and they said they would replace them with the right lens for an additional cost. Then the next day they called her to tell her the frame is cracked and will not be able to use them.

She wanted to sweep it under the rug but I showed her how to use her Legalshield membership. She called the Law firm, they wrote a letter on her behalf.

The company wrote her back apologizing and wanting to keep her business, reimbursed her for the cost of the frame ($1600) plus the cost of both lenses. Plus they gave her a $150 credit to use on any new lens plus 50% off any frame she wanted.

After that she said I am keeping my membership forever. I love Legalshield!"

- K. Akau

"Member for Life"

"I took my kids with me to do some work in Loveland, CO. On the way home, I got a moving traffic violation in Evanston, WY. 

I felt the ticket was unjustified, so I called my Provider Law Firm in Idaho, where I live. My Idaho law firm referred me to a Wyoming attorney, who called me and gave me some initial advice and said he'd do some research and get back to me.

He called me May 13 and left a detailed message about what I needed to do. Somehow I missed that message; hearing it today, I realized I was supposed to appear in court yesterday -- I MISSED MY COURT DATE! 

So I called my Wyoming attorney in a panic. He said, 'Since I didn't hear back from you, I filed a notice with the court so you didn't have to appear. All you have to do now is take a defensive driving course, send proof to the state of WY, be a good boy for 90 days and this ticket will fall off your record.' How much did all of this cost me? Nothing more than my ($25/month) service.

This is why I've been a LegalShield member for 17 years, and will be for the rest of my life."

- Another Happy Member

"Debt Was Eliminated"

“My dad passed away in October 2014. We were 3 weeks in of going through the estate issues when we received a bill from the IRS for $36,673 for a federal tax lien for back taxes he owed. The IRS told me we’d have to pay.


I called LegalShield, our attorney made some calls and got back to me to say the lien was now reduced to $11,150. I was happy and willing to pay that debt, but the attorney advised us not to pay the IRS until they sent us a bill, and he asked us to please call the law firm back before I pay. 

I received the IRS bill about 8 weeks later and called my attorney, who said he’d contact the IRS again and get back to me. When the attorney called back he said the debt was eliminated completely! I was in shock. 

The attorney explained he was able to eliminate the debt because there is a statute that says the IRS only has 10 years to collect on a debt and that deadline passed while we waited for the IRS to send us the bill.  

This one issue has paid my LegalShield membership for better than 80 years.”

- Another Satisfied Member

"I Was Amazed"

“My mom was admitted to the hospital and we were told she may only have hours to live (and we live a 5-hour drive away over a mountain pass). We needed to know the scope of our Power of Attorney and whether we could transfer the title of my mom's condo to the family trust (my dad, who passed away a year prior had all the assets in the family trust except the condo, and we’d put off getting this one item handled).

While my husband drove as fast as possible I was on the phone with our LegalShield attorney several times through spotty reception; I was amazed that each time the call dropped, she called US back! I was able to have the POA emailed from my office to the attorney, who reviewed it then assured us we had the right to transfer the condo if mom was the only one on the title. However, my dad was still on the title, so we needed to get additional paper work handled. Based on the additional info, all while still driving, and after several calls back and forth between my siblings and I and back to the attorney, we knew what to do. My last call with the attorney was at 4:55pm and she was still there for us. She assured me she could review additional documents from the trust and my dad's will to help us further. 

I got a great education that day about the MANY details involved in POA's, trusts, pass through wills, title, etc. Wow. The attorney knew questions to ask and dug much deeper than the initial question I called in about to make sure we had our bases covered ... and, knowing I might be losing my mom that day, she made herself available to me over that 2-hour period of bad cell reception. My mom passed away 2 weeks later, so we were able to spend extra precious time with her we didn't expect to have, and we were able to get everything in order regarding the condo and the family trust. Thanks LegalShield and thank you [attorney] - in Estate Planning at [the provider law firm].”

- Another Grateful Member


"This morning I turned down a road I’d never driven on and didn’t see a speed limit sign. Most surrounding roads have 50 / 55mph limits, but when I saw lights behind me I figured this road was obviously set lower. When the officer approached my window and said I was going 57 in a 35 (and he was not happy 😬).… I apologized and explained that I'm a very safe driver with no traffic violations, I was heading to an appointment and I don't usually travel that road.

I THANKED HIM for keeping us safe. I told him I understood he had to write me a ticket… and I mentioned 'which is why I have LegalShield - I know even safe drivers make mistakes sometimes'. He walked to his car with my license then returned with a warning citation saying that he knew my LS attorney would show up to defend my citation anyway, so he’d let me go with a warning.

He thanked me for being respectful and not arguing that I deserved the ticket and he reminded me to slow down. A WARNING FOR 22 OVER! The confidence of being protected, and the peace of mind of LegalShield is POWERFUL!"

- E. Wesley, FL


"When you first approached me about Legal Shield, I was skeptical. I had been approached before to join, but by people I didn’t know well enough, or I felt were just trying to make money. But I respected you and as a client, I felt I would give it a shot.

Of course, I thought I was really wasting my money as I had not needed a lawyer in my life except for a divorce. I could not have been more wrong. Since joining about 18 months ago, I have used the service at least 7 times. Each time saved me more than the annual subscription rate. The intake lawyers have been so informative that I have never had to use the referral lawyer.

I have been taught so much and protected myself from some potentially dangerous situations that would have cost me thousands of dollars. Thank you so much for approaching me!"


- P. Hamilton

"I Was in a Panic"

"Went to the gas station, paid $20 for my gas using my ATM card. Started the pump, but the gasoline never came out.   Locked my car up and went inside to tell the man behind the counter that I never got my gasoline. He told me to swipe my card again. I told him no and suggested he either give me my $20 in gas or my money back. He said he wasn't able to refund me for 72 hours! 

Getting frustrated, I asked if he could just please put $20 on pump 6 because my car is still EMPTY and needs gas! He said he couldn't. I asked him to call the manager or owner of the station, and he did.  Manager said the same thing...'Swipe your card again or we can give you a refund in 3 days'.  

At that point I told the guy I was going to call my lawyer... but, I was in a PANIC because I knew my LegalShield membership was in pre-cancel status — my last payment didn’t process because my card expired and I hadn’t called in to update it yet. 

I walked outside, called the 24/7 Customer Care number to update my info and 5 minutes later I called my Provider Law Firm from INSIDE the gas station.  A lawyer called me back in 3 minutes, and  I explained the situation then gave the attorney the gas station manager's phone number at his request. Within 10 minutes, I was refunded my $20 AND they loaded up pump 6 with $20 for me to put into my car. Thank you LegalShield."


- Another Happy Member

"Total Peace of Mind"

"While exploring options to address my $41,000+ student loans debt, I came across a company saying it would consolidate all my student loans and reduce my payments to $68 per month. I was excited because that would be a huge relief for me. 

Before I went forward with it, I emailed the company's contract to my provider law firm to review it for me. My provider firm got me in touch with an attorney in California since that's where the company is located. I didn't pay a penny extra to have an out-of-state lawyer review the contract for me or give me his professional advice.


In the end, he advised me not to sign it — if I had, I would have ended up paying close to $8,000+ in fees to the student loan repayment company had I accepted the terms of their contract.  

I have total peace of mind knowing I always have great lawyers available to answer my questions, check things out for me, and have my back without sending me bills. Thanks, LegalShield."

- Another Happy Member

Filling Prescription

"Went Over Everything"

"A couple of days ago I got a letter / bill for over $2072.68 from my insurance company, stating that I had to reimburse them for all of my son's ADHD medicines from last year. Of course I almost went into a cardiac arrest, so I placed a call to my law firm, an attorney called me back and went over everything with me, then they fired off a letter to my insurance company. 

Result: I just got a phone call saying that my account had been zeroed out, that they had committed an error and that they highly apologize that it didn't get taken care of sooner. My ($25 a month) membership just saved me $2072.68, which just covered my membership payments for the next 8 years.

Thank you, LegalShield for offering such a wonderful service!"


- K. Harper, Utah

"It Didn't Cost Me a Thing to Ask"

"One day, my wife noticed my wedding ring was missing a diamond. I gathered the paperwork, including the 'insurance protection plan' they sold her, and headed to the place she bought my ring. I showed them the missing diamond and the protection plan paperwork. 

The person informed me they’d only cover a lost diamond IF I was bringing my ring in for regular cleanings and inspection; otherwise, I'd have to pay $25 to replace the diamond. I left and called our Provider Law Firm - I didn't know if there was anything they could do, but it didn't cost me anything to ask, so why not? The attorney asked me to fax him a copy of the protection plan. I did. My attorney called back and said they’d be sending the jewelers a letter since there was nothing in their protection plan stating the ring was to be brought in for regular inspections. 

A few days later, the owner of the jewelry store called me and offered to replace the diamond himself, and apologized over and over for the misunderstanding. Before LegalShield, I would have NEVER contacted a lawyer about a $25 issue... but it was the principal, and LegalShield made it simple."

- B. Ferguson, Idaho

"5 Stars!!!"

"I have been a member for only a few months. I have LegalShield/IDShield plus the home business supplement. This is my first experience with using my Legalshield Membership Plan and I felt compelled to share. 

I called the number to request assistance with two clients who have failed to pay their invoices. My call was promptly answered by a friendly, helpful associate by the name of Jordan at my assigned law firm, Dubail Judge. He obtained the information needed to begin the process for my issue and provided me with two case numbers and let me know an attorney would be calling within 4 hours to discuss next steps. I’m digging the experience thus far!

I received a call just 2 hours later and had a quick consultation with my attorney, Kip Welborn, who did a fabulous job of explaining how things worked and requested that I email my invoices for them to prepare the collection letters. If I had an easy button, I would be pushing it about now!!

In about 3 days copies of the collection letters were emailed to me for my records and the law firm even handled mailing them out for me. Another A+ in my book! Now comes the good part... Three days later, my client sends me a text apologizing for not communicating with me about some financial issues she was experiencing. She informs me that she will be immediately paying the invoices and within two minutes I have a Paypal notification that the invoice has been paid in full!

That one invoice is enough to cover my LegalShield membership fee for 5 years! It doesn’t get much better than that in my opinion and for that reason I give Dubail Judge and LegalShield 5 Stars!!!"

- T. Rolwes

"Serious Damage"

"I ran into a huge pot-hole at a local home improvement store that did serious damage to the suspension on my truck. When I called the store and spoke to the manager, she was uninterested and rude - she actually asked, 'If it was that big, why didn't YOU see it?'. (Fact: after raining hard the night before, the pot-hole was filled with water.)

The point is, I damaged my truck on their property because of their lack of maintenance in the parking lot. That manager tried ending the conversation by saying, 'Okay, I'll talk to someone about getting the pothole fixed.' When I asked about the damage to my truck, she took down my information and said she'd send it to the insurance department.

Two weeks passed and I heard nothing so I called LegalShield and told my law firm what happened. My law firm called that home improvement store, spoke to management, and called me back to say their insurance company would call me within a few days (and to let them know if they didn't).

That same day, their insurance agent called - I explained what happened, he told me to get a couple estimates and said he'd have a check in the mail within 3 days. I gave him the estimates 2 days ago... and a check for $785.97 arrived on my doorstep this morning."

- C. Steil, Florida

"Everyone Needs It"

"I've been a LegalShield member for a few years. The service is awesome and it has helped me and my small business out in many ways. I love it! Most recently my law firm helped me on a case where a client refused to pay an invoice for helping them out after the recent hurricane in Texas.

LegalShield sent out two letters, and after the 2nd certified letter we received our $5,600.00 check. Before I found LegalShield, it would have cost me this amount just to collect. This is one of many, many ways I've used LegalShield. 

I own a small repossession company and I really want to help people know about this service because everyone needs it."  


- J. Ivan, Arizona

"You Can Relax Now"

“I leased a new car and wanted custom rims. The dealer said to go down the street and buy them for less then bring back the invoice so they could include it in my financing and they’d reimburse me within 48 hours of finalizing the lease. I signed their special form and took my new car home. A week went by with no reimbursement check.

I call the dealer. Two weeks go by. I call them again. Still NO check. By the third week of NO check I felt I'd given the dealer ample time to do the right thing, so I called my Oregon Provider Law Firm on a Friday morning, told them the situation and faxed them the document I'd signed for the 48 hour reimbursement. My lawyer said, 'You can relax now, it's Friday. Enjoy your weekend. We will take over from here.'  

Three hours later there was a knock on my door - it was a courier delivering me a check from the dealership for $510 and apologizing for any inconvenience they may have caused me. I don't know exactly what the attorney said to the dealership that day when they called on my behalf, but I often dream about it at night. I've lost count how many times I've used my LegalShield membership. Thank you for all you do and for being the best dollar value my family owns."

- Another Happy Member

"Keep You Aware and Prepared"

"Last month I received a phone call from a new member's wife..... She said her husband told her he'd enrolled them in an ID Theft & Legal service and she wanted to know if this was a service that could help her 84 year old mom?

So I could determine how our services might match up to her situation, I asked what had happened and the member's wife proceeded to tell me: Her 84 year old mom received a message from her dear friend on Facebook. The friend's picture, name, information all looked legitimate. So, naturally when the message was a request to help her get money out of an account that was owed to the friend, the 84 year old provided all of the personal information asked for (Social Security #, Bank Account & credit card info, address, date of birth, etc). 

She was scammed out of thousands of dollars - which she couldn't afford to lose. She got behind on bills, her credit score tanked, interest rates skyrocketed, the 84 year old and her husband were desperate to stay afloat so the husband continued working in the oil fields to help pay bills.

They felt the only way to get out of this was credit restoration and found a "Law firm" in Colorado. The monthly fee of $350 was to get them the help they needed to get back on their feet.  It was bank drafted out of their account. Months slowly rolled by with no additional action taken by the firm, no response to inquiries and the elderly couple couldn't stop the drafts. This heartbreaking series of events is a perfect example of how a Scam turns to ID Theft which turned into a serious legal problem.

You're reading this article which, in and of itself, is a great start. 

I'm here to help keep you AWARE and PREPARED. Accessing experts and turnkey services is pivotal to helping you get back to life faster. If you know others who you think might like to know about how we help, feel free to send them my direction, we greatly appreciate referrals!​"

-Rick Shore

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"Sense of Relief"

"I own a small auto repair business. A year ago, I was accused of a multitude of things by a customer and, while all of it was completely false, that customer sued me. So that I didn't lose by default, I had to defend myself in court. Thankfully, I have been a member of LegalShield for years. I just spent three days in court with a full jury while my LegalShield lawyer took the plaintiff apart and exposed all the lies of the accusations one by one. The jury unanimously found in MY favor on each and every count. I am so grateful. If I had lost, I would have had to pay over $37,000 plus court costs and legal fees. As a member of LegalShield, my trial defense hours were covered so they didn't cost me anything... and I won. I can't even describe the sense of relief I have."

- D. Hammond, Idaho

"I'm So Grateful"

“I called my law firm yesterday regarding real estate and tax questions. I got my first call back within 2 hours from the same lawyer we worked with to sell our last home and purchase our new home in December of 2020! He clarified what we’d need as far as tax docs from our last bank loan AND our new bank loan. He then suggested I talk to a tax attorney in the firm to make sure my other questions were answered, as tax law outside real estate wasn’t his specialty.


The tax attorney called me within a couple hours, answered all my questions regarding our last tax return, then she referred me to another attorney that handles real estate law with regard to capital gains, which others said to be aware of after our home sale. That attorney clearly explained to me what it is, how it all works, and that I didn’t need to have any concerns. He also explained how it would be benefit us to keep records of all home improvements made for various reasons related to being a homeowner in general, not even related to law.


I got ALL my questions answered by 3 experienced, knowledgeable, kind, efficient, and thorough attorneys quickly and at NO additional cost. I never would have thought to take time to research all this information nor would we have had the access to these attorneys if it weren’t for LegalShield! Now, on to getting our Wills updated ... next on the list now that we have a new property. I’m so grateful we found LegalShield!”

- J. Carpenter, Illinois

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"Saving Over

"After suffering a car accident, a LegalShield member had to receive extensive and expensive physical therapy. At first, her car insurance declined to cover her treatment due to apparent preexisting conditions, so she began receiving medical bills from her doctor.


Fortunately, LegalShield attorney Melissa Derby was able to challenge the billing even though the statute of limitations had run out. In the end, the member ended up not having to pay a penny of her medical bills, which resulted in her saving over $5,295.00.”


- Shared by LegalShield Provider Law Firm Welch, Gold, Siegel and Fiffik, P.C.

"We Got Our Settlement!"

"Those who know me well are aware my family and I have been in a 2-year legal battle with a crooked contractor in Florence, SC. Well, we got our settlement yesterday! In addition to the $45,000.00 settlement in our favor, the contractor was sanctioned and fined by the state thanks to our lawyer, and hopefully won’t do this to anyone else again.


Because we had LegalShield, we didn’t have to pay the $20,000.00 retainer upfront to defend us from this contractor who was weaponizing the legal system in an attempt to extort us for more money.


My lawyer’s fees were 100% covered, and ALL of this $45,000.00 check is ours, too - we don’t have to give a cut to our lawyer, either. This one win has covered our LegalShield monthly fees for the next 150 YEARS!!


I just can’t understand why anyone would NOT have LegalShield for their life and all the things that can come up - I would sell my truck before I’d cancel my LegalShield.”

- David Jones, Canada

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